I believe that every woman should have the power to make decisions about her personal beauty regime that are right for her. And I would never challenge anyone who felt empowered to take action based on their own personal reasons that are appropriate for them. However, in this article I would like to present a viable alternative solution for the ageing process (the laser facial or more specifically, the cold laser facial) in relation to facial aesthetics (i.e skin tone, skin elasticity, collagen, wrinkles and eyes etc.) other than the mainstream solution currently presented by the pharmaceutical / medical industry.

It is no secret that as a woman enters her ’20s the speed at which new cells reach the skin’s surface slows down. As a result the skin starts to show signs of ageing, generally reflected in the complexion and the appearance of wrinkles. Eventually, the speed at which skin cells are replaced with new ones, added with a degeneration in facial muscles, can lead to the skin sagging, particularly around the eyes and neck. The pharmaceutical industry has gone to great lengths to address these issues by harnessing the power of chemicals, which either dissolve the skin (glycolic peels) to promote the rapid appearance of new cells at the surface, or botox injections, which freeze areas of the face prone to wrinkles. There are an increasing number of comparable solutions of varying degrees of invasiveness, which include freezing skin cells, or burning skin via hot laser (for example). The list is endless…

My concerns as a natural health practitioner around these solutions are twofold: 1. None address the potential underlying reasons for signs of ageing and 2. They are prone to side effects, all of which can also conclude in an increase of the very symptoms they aim to resolve.

At Laser Medicine, using Low Level Laser technology combined with traditional acupuncture principles, we address signs of ageing and facial aesthetics with a very different approach:

  • We balance and rejuvenate the lymphatic system itself so that we actively engage the body’s natural healing system to make the body work more efficiently – i.e. we help it to perform and be ‘younger’.
  • We harness the power of low level laser to rejuvenate the organs that are fundamental in supporting the skin and the ageing process – the kidneys, spleen, liver and of course the skin itself.
  • We increase the production of collagen naturally within the skin and promote the removal of dead cells (naturally harnessing the power of white blood cells and their dispersal of dead cells through the body’s waste).
  • And most significantly, we focus purely on rejuvenation of the skin by increasing the production of new skin cells and the speed with which they appear at the skin’s surface. Low level laser (used at the right frequency and depth) increases the production of ATP (energy) at a cellular level. We improve the performance of the skin, and not only make it look younger we make it perform more youthfully, naturally.

Our protocols for the speed and intensity of light that we use for a cold laser facial, our intimate knowledge of specific points on the skin’s surface for regeneration and stimulation, and our expertise in balancing and enhancing the body’s internal organs using traditional acupuncture principles, which promote the body’s overall health and vitality, all combine to create a powerful and effective solution for resolving the signs of ageing naturally, and, we believe, beautifully.

Yes our patients’ faces still move. They have expression! This is a true benefit of a cold laser facial. Yes there is a naturalness about our patients’ beauty, which does not defy age and therefore make it impossible to say whether someone is 21 or 61! yet we remove wrinkles, create facial lifting and remove eye bags and dark lines. And all our patients develop a healthy glow, a vibrancy and vitality that simply shines and radiates at the skin’s surface. Their eyes truly sparkle.

So if you are a natural woman who truly cares about her health, and wants to enhance and celebrate your natural beauty and maintain a youthful complexion, cold laser facials, low level laser face lifts, and therapeutic laser skin rejuvenation is most likely the best choice for you. A cold laser facial is certainly the only choice for me.

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