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Laser Medicine is the official UK partner of leading home use Low Level Laser / Red Light device manufacturer, Medical Quant Ltd via Gudaro-Med Tech who provide UK based tech support. Guadaro Med Tech distribute and support the popular and highly effective Handy Cure 5V Low Level Laser LED device, which we believe is a high quality product for pain relief and soft tissue repair to use at home. We are happy to recommend this product which provides safe and effective healing in the home.

Many people often ask for our recommendations when purchasing a low cost, high quality home-use low level laser so that they can continue to maintain their wellness after or in between a course of treatments in our clinics across the UK. We constantly research the therapeutic laser market and have been drawn to the Handy Cure 5V Red Light LED device, which is completely safe for home use, and very effective for managing pain and other soft tissue conditions.

In the clinic we work with stronger Class 3B and Class 4 therapeutic lasers, however we often recommend patients with chronic or on-going conditions invest in a Handy Cure 5V LED device, so that they can maintain regular stimulation and resonance in between clinic treatments.

We are happy to recommend the Handy Cure 5V LED device in the UK, which has recently launched the new model, 5V Handy Cure.

You can order the Handy Cure 5V Red Light directly from Laser Medicine by clicking on this link and entering the discount code Laser_Med at checkout for a 17% discount.

Click here to read the full 5V Handy Cure specification.