Handy Cure 5V Home-Use Low Level Laser Device

Really happy to announce a formal partnership with leading home use Low Level Laser device manufacturer, Medical Quant Ltd via Gudaro-Med Tech (UK based tech support) who make the popular and highly effective Handy Cure 5V low level laser device.

Many ask my recommendation for a low cost home-use low level laser so that they can continue to maintain their wellness after or in between a course of treatments with me. For their benefit I researched the market and was pointed towards the Handy Cure 5V Class 1 low level laser device which is completely safe for home use, and really effective for managing pain and other conditions.

In the clinic I work with more powerful Class 3B lasers, however I often recommend patients with chronic or on-going conditions invest in a Handy Cure device, so that they can maintain regular stimulation and resonance in between clinic treatments.

I am happy to re-sell the Handy Cure device in the UK, which has just launched the new model, 5V Handy Cure.

You can order the Handy Cure device directly from Laser Medicine at £399 (plus £10 UK delivery).

Click here to read the full 5V Handy Cure specification.

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