Low Level Laser to Improve Parkinson’s

More encouraging clinical research in the field of Low Level Laser to improve Parkinson's Disease, published in BMC Neurology. The work carried out by Liebert, et al (2021), was described as a "prospective proof-of-concept study", that showed improvements in clinical signs of Parkinson's disease using photobiomodulation (Low Level Laser Therapy). Read the full Report. In summary [...]

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Infrared Therapy to Reduce Dementia

There was interesting work published by Durham University this month, focusing on the use of Infrared Therapy to Reduce Dementia. The study and trials explore that Low Level Laser Therapy can be used for the effective treatment of symptoms associated with Dementia. Read the full Report. Ruth Phypers at Laser Medicine was asked to comment on a [...]

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Treatment and Rehabilitation of COVID-19

Interesting work published in January this year, outlines clinical research from Russia, using Low Level Laser therapy for effective prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of COVID-19 patients. The full research document can be accessed here. [Research Article: Low Level Laser Therapy in Prevention of the Development of Endothelial Dysfunction and Clinical Experience of Treatment and Rehabilitation [...]

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